Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Treasury Challenge : something new

I thought I'd give a heads-up to those who, just like me, are too lazy to go and check the team discussions on Etsy.
ChYMiera had a super generous idea to motivate the troops !

Here's what she wrote

I am starting this thread to help the lovely Drucilla. I hope is this week is better for you, love!
That being said, please use this thread to post your treasury challenge for this week.
Since there was not enough participants for the last challenge, no winner was declared.
So, we are starting fresh!

And to get you all motivated- I will donate a $10 gift certificate to my shop to the Treasury Challenge winner. How do you like them apples? Other donations would be great!

All of the rules for making a treasury for this challenge can be found here:

To include your treasury in this week's challenge and to make it easily findable for all team mates, you will need to post your treasury link in this thread.

Good luck to all !!

Isn't that incredibly generous of her ?
I think that the least we could do is to
include one of her items to all
this week treasuries ...




And there are many more where these beauties come from !

Good luck, everyone !

x x x


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amy said...

The last image with the hearts is beautiful. I want I want! Why isn't it my birthday, every day? xx


hope to hear from you*
love amy ^.^