Saturday, April 30, 2011

To celebrate Beltane:.... flower themed picks from the ♥team♥

Beltane is a very special and magical Celtic festival. It marks the start of Summer and is a really beautiful time of the year...with longer hours of sunshine, warmer weather, an abundance of new life (especially baby rabbits... soooooo cute!). Loveliest of all is the blooming of the hawthorn (May) and countless wild flowers. Traditionally hawthorn  boughs and posies of wild flowers were gathered and used to decorate homes. I always think of lovely posies of wild-flowers when I think of Beltane and this is what has inspired these very pretty flower themed picks from the ♥team♥


floral crown

watercolour floral dress

violet night victorian romantic lace earrings

recycled vintage crochet lace cape with liberty flowers

vintage 1930s apron with flowers and beads

Lady of Wildflowers

These are just a few of the very beautiful flower-themed items in  ♥Folk Reveries♥ members' shops.

ps: if anyone is interested in finding out more about ♥Beltane♥ I have more detailed info on my blog http://woodlanddiary.blogspot.com_beltane-festival-of-fire-and-flowers


Corvid Delights said...

What a lovely post celebrating one of my favorite festivals. Thank you for including my earrings alongside all these talented artists and individuals. I love this magical floral theme.


Elizabeth Frank said...

Thank you for including my Lady of Wildflowers amongst all these lovely works! I'm also happy to learn about Beltane-going to your blog now to learn more!!

Anonymous said...

oooh lovely, thankyou ♥ ♥ ♥

Drucilla Pettibone said...

beautiful picks, sammi! bright blessings of the season to all our team members!