Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New and exciting changes to Team Treasury Challenge

I am copying over Chy's inspirational post from the forum:

Hear ye, Hear ye! Important News about our Team Treasury Challenge:

The Leaders have decided to change the weekly treasury challenge to a bi-weekly treasury challenge.
Starting a new challenge every 2 weeks will allow more time for more team members to participate and give everyone ample time to vote.
Voting will be posted on the thread of each challenge and we ask that even if you do not have time to make a treasury, please at least vote on the treasuries made.
Everyone will be allowed 2 votes, but please correspond #1 with your first choice and #2 for your second choice.
I know that seems obvious, but I want to make certain we don't tally the votes wrong.
Also, donated prizes will be announced and given to the 1st place winner, but the 2nd place winner will also receive a little something.
We would love to see everyone create just one treasury for each challenge, but , we also know that people are very busy in their daily lives.
I would suggest that you at least take a gander at each treasury posted, it helps with clicks (and you know on Etsy it is all about clicks) and the more clicks & comments, the more likely a treasury is to hit the front page! And that is awesome exposure for any team!!

So, to re-iterate the treasuries already posted by the lovely Mathyld, for you to vote on, I will relist them here and remember to keep it to just 2 votes ~pretty please? ;}


The voting for this will be closed on Saturday, April 30th and a new treasury challenge will commence on Monday, May 2. -a new thread will be posted.

Good Luck to all!

.......Also.......  as you know the the winner gets featured in all of the next week's treasuries......I am going to interview the runner-up and feature their shop on the team blog as a runner-up prize.

All the more reasons to join in the fun


here is the link so you can vote: http://www.etsy.com/teams/5950/folk-reveries/discuss/6860835/page/1 


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