Friday, April 1, 2011

Spirit Birds

What is your Spirit Animal?
This is a question I had never really thought about before.... and when I did, I first went through my favourite animals, the ones that inspire my work or that I find particularly beautiful....

Rabbits, hares, horses.....  tigers, elephants......
But I knew it was none of these... it was.... a bird
At first I did not know which one...
only that it was a secret ghostly presence in the night that I had only been aware of in my dreams....
like an owl... but gentler and even more strange..... eventually it came to me...
it was a nightjar... not quite sure why... they just make me feel all shivery!

I love all birds anyway, they are so inspiratory, symbolic,  magical, shy and otherworldly. These are some of the amazing birds I have found in other team members' shops





Bleu - Hand Sculpted Ceramic Vase 








Our fabulous team Captain, Dru has started a discussion on the team forum and suggested that we all create a piece of work representing our spirit animal. Perhaps they could all be featured in a blog post or treasury?... a pretty inspiring idea, I think... I'm off to make my nightjar!! Here's a link to the discussion



Drucilla Pettibone said...

what an eloquent ode to the nightjar! i love that you knew them by the shivers.

Daria Hlazatova said...

such a beautiful post! i think i mostly associate myself with fish or wolves :)

Walter Silva said...

nice selection!