Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Spring Equinox

The Spring equinox takes place at 11.21pm on Sunday the 20th of March. It is the festival of the Saxon Goddess Eostre (also called Ostara) – the Goddess of fertility and of the Dawn.

Her familiar was the the rabbit or hare. Hares are moon-gazers and are said to  have powers of transformation. They were believed to lay coloured eggs in nests on the ground. (hares do make grass-lined nests on the ground for their little leverets, but they don't usually lay eggs in them!)

Rituals performed in celebration of the equinox included painting eggs with rich bright colours, or painting them with beautiful detailed patterns.  Sometimes they were buried in the ground. Eggs are a symbol of new life and of the hopes we cherish for the coming year.

I have chosen some items by team members that pick up on equinox-related themes. I know that we have recently had a rabbit blog and a bunny blog, but I'm afraid the equinox just wouldn't be the equinox without a few hares!!!

Sun Goddess
by art4sol

by earthangelsarts

The Starlight Hare
by karen Davis


Drucilla Pettibone said...

such a gorgeous post, sammi! hope everyone is feeling the magic tonight.

Karen said...

Lovely Post and thanks for featuring my Starlight Hare. It was even more of a magical weekend with such a beautiful full moon last night.

Ginger Kelly said...

Gorgeous :)
I made a team treasury inspired by this post:


Lambcandy (Ginger) said...

this is so darling, i adore it all!

earthangelsarts said...

Thank you for showing my print of the 'Hare'. XX They are all so beautiful!

asdasd said...