Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sláinte, gypsy moon!

The winner of last week's team treasury challenge is gypsymoonart!

Into the Woods

There were some gorgeous treasuries this week, but gypsy's was irresistible. I hope our challenge winners are finding increased traffic from the next week's team treasuries! How's it going, team? Any ideas for how we can all support each other in this treasury-making?


Louise said...

Wonderful! This treasury is gorgeous and worthy of winning, I am proud to be a part of it! So lush and nature-filled... thanks gypsymoonart! :)

Griselda said...

This is a fantastic treasury...!!

I am new in here...enchanted indeed, and thankful for being in your group. Send some of that magic dust my way, I am in the middle of my Real Estate renewal exams....I want to come back soon. Bright Blessings everyone and have a magic time with your creativity.