Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September's newest members!

Vintage Coal Owls at White Owl Vintage (our first vintage shop!)

From the heart mixed media collage by Jenny Davies-Reazor
Patina Butterly Hippie Key Necklace by Violet Bella

American Honey Crown by Royal Menagerie

Unexpected Autumn Wind by Luce Interpretations

Chestnut Oak Acorns Earrings by BlackStar

Pale Moon Porcupine Quills Necklace by Vinca Vere

Icy Lace Leaves Earrings by Ashes of Roses Design

Busy Bee Creeper by Gnome Goods (MindyBanta)

Autumn Goddess Harvest Headband by First Kiss Designs

Flotsam Honeycomb Tassel Necklace by Corvid Delights

Mauve Lace Headband by Annika Leatherwood

Early Settler Art Dolls by Mystic Hills Ngaroma

Days Gone By Necklace by Chymiera


Heather said...

welcome new members! you have such beautiful creations. glad to have you aboard!~

BlackStar said...

Looking forward to getting to know everyone. Thanks for having me!
~Katie (BlackStar)

vinca vere said...

thank you, so glad to be on this ship.
xo vv

Corvid Delights said...

This team is so talented and amazing, thanks for having me. I look forward to meeting everyone.

KatinkaPinka said...

welcome! ♥

KatinkaPinka said...
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My Owl Barn said...

Aw, those owls are adorable!

rachel is a dreamer said...

oh what a magical place this is. im loving all these foresty goods.
peace & love!