Friday, August 27, 2010

Ragtime ! Giveaway Time !

Being mutual admirers of one another Drucilla & Mathyld came up with the idea that maybe other people might want to learn all their little secrets, skills and tricks.

That is how Ragtime started.
Together they will teach you sewing and embroidery !

Ragtime is a six week e-course during which we will create a Flapper-inspired sleep set !

- with Mathyld aka under the pyramids, we will learn to sew while realising a camisole and a pair of shorts.
- with Drucilla aka Drucilla Pettibone, we will then embellish this set anda pillow case, while learning how to embroider and do appliqué.

x – x – x

- Class begins September 27 and runs through November 7.

x – x – x

And visit us to win one of these handmade goodies !
Visit our Giveaway

{ Drucilla's embroidered hankie }

{ Mathyld's Juggler Girl's headband }

Mathyld & Drucilla

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Leanne of Folk said...

um....first off, WOW, how did i not see this blog before?! i LOVE it!!! second, thanks to heather for entering my giveaway!! :D good luck to you! and thirdly.....i am off to check out this giveaway you posted about! yay!! <3