Friday, July 12, 2013

Jill Hoffman of Forever Pine is our new Team Captain!!

Welcome, Jill!  Jill Hoffman is an accomplished illustrator and has all kinds of goodies in her Etsy shop, Forever Pine.  Outgoing Captain Janeane Wilbur conducted an interview with Jill so we could all get to know her better.  

Janeane:  Please introduce yourself.

Jill:  Hello! My name is Jill Hoffman and I am an artist living in Upstate New York in the Finger lakes region. I live with a lot of cats.

Janeane:  What does “folk” mean to you and how do you identify yourself as a folk artist?

Jill:  To me folk art can be charming, crafted, useful, eccentric, rustic, natural, and magical. To me, It is a creative reflection of who you are and your roots.

I feel that I identify with folk because my work resonates with a lot of people’s love for nature, particularly animals. I also sometimes use found/up-cycled objects to create my work, and rock painting has been done for a very long time. There’s some historical appreciation in that, as well as a child-like love!

Janeane:  When did you know that you wanted to become an artist?

Jill:  I think it was innate, I followed my inclination naturally and it’s led me to this point. Even when I was very young, creating beautiful things for myself and other people seemed like a way of life. 

Janeane:  What inspires you the most when you create?

Jill:  The inherent magic I sense in animals, plants and stories inspires me the most. Because of that, ordinary critters seem mysterious and I feel they have secrets. I see a beautiful animal and feel the need to draw its spirit or essence so to speak.

Janeane:  What is your most favorite working supply?

Jill:  I’d say the pencil. It’s the first thing I reach for when I have an idea. It’s the starting point and origin of my work!

Janeane:  Do you have any creative patterns or rituals with your work?

Jill:  Lighting incense, making some tea, and collecting inspiring photos is typical for me. Creating a clean and calm space is also important. Freeing myself from clutter is liberating. I’m able to get my thoughts down and feel more inspired that way.

Janeane:  Do you have a favorite artist? And if so, why are they your favorite?

Jill:  This question is always difficult for me to answer – I feel like I discover favorites every day! If I had to choose, the Golden Age Illustrators touch me deeply. I love the storybook feel and dynamic compositions that those artists excelled in. The artists are so skillful; the artwork from that time is captivating and enchanting. The color palettes of Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac have affected my work a lot.

Janeane:  What is your favorite theme to pursue?

Jill:  Animal spirits and ghosts!

Janeane:  What other jobs have you done other than being an artist?

Jill:  Years ago I worked in local wineries.

I am lucky in that both of my current jobs involve art. When I graduated college, I found an illustration/graphic design job in my area where I could create artwork for children. It was as if fate had planned it!

Janeane:  How long have you been selling on Etsy?

Jill:  I started my Etsy shop on June 2nd, 2010. I really enjoy making items specifically for my shop and custom requests are very fun.

Janeane:  As the team Captain, what is a vision that you have for the team that you’d like to share?

Jill:  I hope that mine and the Leaders’ efforts will contribute to a revived team attitude, and encourage members to participate more. To me, this means strengthening traditions and participation in forum activity, team member interviews, giveaways, treasury challenges and more. I’d love to eventually plan a team crafting meet-up! It’s about feeling supported, inspiring each other, and having a sense of community that you belong to.

Janeane:  If you were able to wave a magical wand and make one thing happen, what would it be?

Jill:  I will simply say I wish for the human race to treat the Earth with more respect and kindness.

* * *

Aho!  Jill has plans to shift some of the team responsibilities, and there are some new rules for membership outlined on the team forum here.  Please be sure and read these - they are very important for our team to move forward!  

Thanks so much, Janeane, for all your work as team Captain, and congratulations, Jill!  Janeane and I will stay on as leaders, along with Chymiera, so don't hesitate to ask any of us if you have questions or concerns pertaining to the team.  And drop by the team forum and give Jill a warm welcome!!


Tammie Lee said...

wonderful post!
i stopped by to see Jill's art, it is quite wonderful and full intrigue.

Woman on Wild Mountain said...

Jill, I just LOVE your work. What a wonderful world you live in. Thank You. Kerry