Monday, October 31, 2011

Sweet Basil Fibre Works

Genevieve of Sweet Basil Fibre Works won the last treasury challenge by a landslide with her home sweet home treasury.

I have admired Genevieve's lovely hand-dyed yarns for quite some time, and wanted to get to know her, so I thought I'd use this as an occasion to see if she would be interviewed for our team blog. She agreed and here are my questions and her lovely words, photos and creations...

Celebrating Autumn

D: When did you begin working with fibre? and what led you to focus on dyeing?

G: I learned to knit when I was a child from my nana. Knitting led me to spinning and eventually to dyeing yarn. My first job as a teenager was dyeing t shirts for a silk screening company. I guess it's not too much of a stretch that 16 years later I am dyeing yarn. Being able to combine my love of colour & with beautiful fibre is my dream job.

Godric's Hollow

D: Tell us about the name of your shop.

G: I have a hard time choosing names. It took me 3.5 weeks to decide on a name for my daughter after she was born. For my shop name I choose the meaning of my daughter's name, sweet basil. I keep a notebook nearby to jot down names when inspiration stikes, that way I always have names for new colourways.


D: How would you describe a typical day?

G: I like to wake up early because I love the quiet stillness. I make hot tea & gather my thoughts for the day. On week days I get my daughter ready for school. Once she leaves I check emails & the shop then make another hot cup of tea. If I am dyeing or have orders to package I head out to the studio & get to work. If I am listing items then I stay on the computer. I walk into town in the afternoon to mail orders & run errands etc.

I am starting another job outside the home soon so things are going to get shaken up a bit.

Lemon Grass

D: What are your goals for the future?

G: I would like to be more self sufficient & to become financially independent through my business.

Maple Rose

D: Do you have any advice for new etsy-ers or team members?

G: I would say to always stay true to your beliefs & don't give up. And I know it's simple but manners & communication are everything.

I would love to curl up by the fire this winter with some of these gorgeous colours on my needles. Thanks so much for this glimpse into your life, Genevieve! Please visit her blog here and her shop here.

Also, the new treasury challenge begins tomorrow (Nov. 1) along with voting on the current treasuries which feature listings from Sweet Basil Fibre Works. Check the team forum and join in!

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im zoe said...

Great interview, such amazing coloured yarns they are beautiful!