Monday, February 21, 2011

Treasury Challenge Winner (Week of 2/14) is ThePaperButterfly

Congrats to Caitlin of ThePaperButterfly, winner of last week's treasury challenge!

There were a number of stunning treasuries, this week (notably, the Keys to the Dark Garden treasury by Tirabaralla, and also this one by Veronika of Snowberry & Lime). Caitlin's treasury was exceptional in her use of a coherent theme, and fresh colour. So please look to ThePaperButterfly to inspire your treasuries for this upcoming week!

The team's leaders have been having a bit of trouble choosing among the treasuries, so we would like to begin putting it to a team vote every week. It's been suggested that the leaders select the top three treasuries made during the week on Friday, let the team vote over the weekend, with the winner to be announced on Monday. We could start this coming week. What do you all think?


Caitlin said...

Oh, cool! I had a lot of fun putting it together. I love seeing what others have come up with and some of the titles are awesome :) Looking forward to seeing them this week ;)

Anonymous said...

Compliments to the winner (it's a beautiful treasury!) and TY for the honorable mention :)
It is a pleasure to put together treasuries for this team, so many interesting items to discover in the process :)

Walter Silva said...