Friday, January 28, 2011

saying goodbye and saying hello...

Hello All Folk Reveries Members and Friends,
Welcome to a New Year of wonderful possibilities! The first month has not yet ended but it already has brought upon me new things and some changes as well. With that said, I formally announce to all that I have resigned as the Folk Reveries Leader and resigned from the group for personal reasons. This has been (and still is!) a great group filled with very creative and talented people and I want to thank each and every one of you who have made it so! I am so proud on how the group has grown in the two years from when I first began the group.

I have worked things out with the team's remaining leaders so that this transition will not majorly affect the team or it's members. So without further ado, I would love to introduce you all to your new Team Leader, our very own, Miss Drucilla Pettibone! I couldn't be more happy or honored with such an amazing successor! She is hugely talented and her works truly never cease to amaze me. I know that the group will be in great hands and I want you all to get to know her a bit more...

What first interested you about embroidery and how did you come about learning it?
I was lucky in that like so many crafters, I had a crafty mum and sister. Mum taught me to embroider when I was little. I burned out doing needlepoint at the hospital when my gran was ill, but then about ten years ago I got the crafty bug again. I learned to spin, re-learned to knit, and then re-discovered embroidery and cross-stitch.

You have some truly beautiful and intricate designs, what inspires your imagination?
That's so sweet of you! I'm mainly inspired by other artists. There is so much exciting fiber art being done right now. I'm also very much influenced by vintage patterns, especially from the Victorian era.

How would you describe your work?
I saw the term "sloppy craft" in one of the last issues of FiberArts and I loved that. Arlee Barr also described my work as part of a "making do aesthetic" which I was super flattered by and I also thought fit with what I'm trying to do.

Besides your own one of kind creations, what else do you sell in your shop?
I'm actually in the process of moving my handmade goods to a new Etsy shop called petit bones, at the urging of my dear friend and mentor, Mathyld. My other shop has been completely overtaken by vintage!

When finding vintage items, what do you look for in an item?
I only buy what I would want for myself, if I find it at a good price. Then, if I can't find a spot for it in our tiny farmhouse, I list it on Etsy.

I know you like many bygone eras like myself. What intrigues you about them and how do you use your affinity for them in what you do?
For me, it's all about the aesthetics, the art and the clothes. I wouldn't want to be a woman living in these eras, *but* the quality of the materials is so much more beautiful than all the synthetic stuff we're surrounded with today. Then there is the intricacy of the handwork. It's generally not economically feasible to produce these kinds of things now, although we can try! I also love the idea of having fewer material possessions, and only things that are precious and meaningful.

When you need a creative lift, what helps you get your 'groove' back?
Looking at fabrics, perusing beautiful blogs, and learning new skills.

Share with us five current things that have influenced your creativity:
Let's see, there are so many!
-The animals on our little farm
-Memories and family histories
-I'm obsessed right now with old quilts and learning to quilt
-That haunted sort of Southern Gothic motif, especially when it's done in new and interesting ways
-The natural dye and design work of India Flint

What hopes and aspir-ations do you have for the Folk Reveries team?
First I just hope to keep it going strong and continue your wonderful work in creating and growing this team! It would be great too if we could all dialogue more about our inspirations. We are surrounded by so many gorgeous visuals on Etsy, but I'm still very attached to words, and I'd like to learn more about the work of the artists on our team.

What would you like to say to the team members?
I'm amazed at the talented artists on our team, and thrilled to be among you. On a practical level, it is looking like the team forums are going to become the main place people communicate and help each other on Etsy. So I would ask everyone to join our team discussion forum at - even if you've never been active on the Etsy forums. The more we get to know each other, the more we can help promote each other! Please get involved, and let me know if I can help.

It has been such an honor being the Team Leader and meeting some amazing individuals because of it. I hope to see this group continue to grow, to become more involved and to meet and go beyond everyone's potential here. Though I will no longer be a part of the group, please come visit me if any one feels so inclined. I am still super friendly and love making acquaintances!

I will miss being here but again, I am so very happy knowing that this team will be taking care of. Thank you so much Drucilla!

Andrea, littlebighead


Gen said...

Thank you for all your time & energy Andrea. I wish you all the best.

Welcome Drucilla, it's so wonderful to have you as our new team leader.

→lisa said...

I'm not part of the Folk Reveries team, but Drucilla is awesome - congratulations :)

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

Congrats to Drucilla and a BIG Thank you to littlebighead. I am new to this team but have been very impressed with the collection of artist/shop owners and this blog. Looking forward to this "New" year.

Drucilla Pettibone said...

thank you so much andrea, for this and all your hard work. we'll miss you here!

mathyld ▲ under the pyramids ▲ said...

Bye, dearest Ada ! You will be missed.
And hiii dear Dru ! Long live the Queen !

Thank you both for a beautiful, heartfelt interview.
x x x

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the new layout! And glad to be part of this wonderful group. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

Leililaloo said...

I am so happy to see the lovely Dru become captain of this wonderful etsy group and blog! Hurray, hurray!!!

An~Ko said...

Blessings to you Andrea, and welcome Drucilla! =)