Monday, October 11, 2010

A Folk Reveries Interview with Audrey Eclectic...

Your name: Heather
Shop name: Audrey Eclectic
Country: USA
What do you make/sell: Folk art paintings and art dolls
How long have you been an artist/crafter?
I was always an artistic child and student, but it wasn't until 2007 after the birth of my daughter (Audrey) that I started making whimsical folk art. What began as a little hobby at my kitchen table soon became a little cottage career, and within a year I was doing indie craft shows and gallery events. It has been more fun that I even dared imagine!

 What is the meaning behind your shop name?
I named my shop and business "Audrey Eclectic" because I love the name Audrey--- it is my daughter's name and she sort of sparked the initial creativity of the whole thing. And when I think of "Audreys" I think of creative, quirky and artistic girls, which I love to paint! I tacked on "Eclectic" to give the name a little dazzle and nuance without being overly descriptive, I wanted to give myself the ability to change focus and follow my inspiration and not be tied down to a description in a name.

How would you describe your work?
A little dark and a little sweet. I love history, stories, folk lore. I like my paintings to be own little spin on these things. Many of my peices are gritty, crackled, and have the appearance of being tucked away in an attic for decades. Its a look I adore, and I hope others do too!~

Name five specific things that inspire your art?
vintage photographs--- I am an avid collector; history--- anywhere from the 1700s to the 1930s! My muse has a wide range ; folklore and ghost stories; family and faith; the spirit of adventure.

What physical places do you like to be for inspiration or to create?
Luckily I can be inspired just about anywhere, but I do find that I am extremely sensitive to my environment. A trip this summer to Arizona had me totally in love with desert paintings and cowgirls. I also love to look at art and decorating books, nature, and of course good movies and good music!

What encourages and inspires you when you need a creative lift?
Well, I finally learned to be comfortable in the knowledge that creativity has its own ebb and flow. Sometimes I am just anxious to paint all day every day, and some times the well is just dry. I've learned that getting out and doing little day trips, or reading a good book helps me get a sudden creative spark. I think creativity comes from living, so the best way to keep it going is to keep on living and doing interesting things.

What are the things that you like most about being on Etsy?
I love that people can just happen upon your shop and suddenly someone has found something they love! I am a fan of the group promotion atmosphere, and always love when someone includes me in a treasury!

Do you have any future aspirations for your work and your shop?
I'd love to someday illustrate a book. And I would like to do more local/regional shows to promote my art. I think, as great as etsy selling is, it is a whole other world to be selling your wares face-to-face with your customer. It leaves you all warm and fuzzy!

What do you think about trades/swaps?
I think they are ever so handy! I've gotten some lovely things from doing trades!

What interested you about the Folk Reveries group and what do you like most about it?
I love that this group is such a high quality and eclectic group. Every shop featured here has a sort of magic to it and is unique in its own right. I am so pleased to be a part of it, and one of the moderators too!~ 


Heather said...

Thanks for having me Andrea!~ This is a great group :)

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hello from Iowa! So happy to find your interesting blog! Will be back to read more sounds like a very colorful, unique group! Great work!

Bee & Lotus said...

Wonderfully inspiring work Heather. Thanks for sharing it with us :)
So glad I came upon this article and now your Blog.
Looking forward to stopping by from time to time.