Thursday, March 25, 2010

Treasured Relics

I came upon the astonish work of Jennifer Parrish of Parrish Relics a few years ago, and was immediately smitten. She seamlessly weaves both new techniques with romantic images from centuries gone by in her unique jewelry.

Inspired by symbolism, the Renaissance and the Pre-Rhapaelites, Jennifer conjures up her creations in her attic studio of a Victorian home in New England. No wonder each piece is filled with such mood and history!

Aside from selling on etsy and on her business website, Jennifer's work can also be seen on tv and film, including Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Royal Stylemakers, 30 ROCK, among others.. Perhaps most well known of her televised pieces is the signature "B" necklace worn by main character Betty on "Ugly Betty." The "B" necklace was patterned after the "B" worn by Anne Boleyn in her famous portrait.
Aside from traditional necklaces and bracelets, Jennifer also creates amazing hand-crafted crowns and tiaras worn by brides looking for a special touch on their wedding day. The above image is a crown currently in Parrish Relics etsy store--- gorgeous!
I count myself lucky to own several pieces of Jennifer's beautiful pieces--- my husband figured out long ago that he could never go wrong on a holiday or an anniversary with a Parrish Relics piece ;)

To find out more about Parrish Relics and perhaps procure your own piece, you can find Jennifer's work here:

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andrea the pomegranates said...

This is wonderful and wow, what an amazing resume! okay, i need to know what exactly is hers in the order of the phoenix :)

so glad to have her in the team. her work truly is exquisite!

Cheery Deary said...

These pieces are lovely. Thanks for telling us about them. I shall explore much further now..

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

Wonderful feature, I adore her work, my daughter has a little pendent from her and its a treasure!